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Welcome to Cheshire Office Interiors

Cheshire Office Interiors has a wealth of experience in all aspects of commercial interiors in Manchester, Cheshire and surrounding areas, from office fit-out, refurbishment and office relocation. We are a multidisciplinary interiors company and have a hugely varied portfolio across a wide range of government, education and even listed and commercial buildings. Our company ethos is all about offering a bespoke service that suits you and your businesses needs.

We aim to supply a comprehensive turnkey package to provide your business with the interesting and inspirational workplace it deserves. Whatever your budget, whether you are Manchester or Cheshire based, Cheshire Office Interiors are able to improve the image of your company and provide an office space and refurbishment which is a good foundation for a successful business.

Value is at the heart of what we provide, we offer a service that you want, when you want it, and how you want it. We understand that poor space utilisation costs you money, our bespoke and skillfully designed offices can give your business a distinct competitive edge.

Working in a interesting office space can really increase the work output of your employees; studies suggest that you are more likely to work hard if you are in an inspiring or creative environment.

It does depend on which sector you work in and the type of job you do but it is quite obvious that for an office based company, a new lick of paint could do wonders for the entire workforce, all the way from the boss to the apprentices or even a complete office refurbishment!

It is not fun to work in a dull environment, we are lucky enough to have provided lots of companies with imaginative office designs. We have an impressive interior design portfolio that includes interior design, space planning, project management, refurbishment, washroom refurbishment, partitioning, office furniture, commercial floor coverings and acoustic solutions.

We are extremely proud of being able to offer each of our clients a bespoke service, working closely with all of our clients from the initial stages through to the final fit. We work hard to provide the very best solution for your office whether you would like a lick of paint or a complete office refurbishment or office relocation.

Based in Bankside House in the town of Dukinfield in Cheshire, Cheshire Office Interiors are not only a local business, providing office refurbishment Manchester and Office fit-out Manchester, we are able to provide our services all across the United Kingdom, so you will be able to make the use of our expert design capabilities wherever you are!

Whilst we have developed a portfolio of very happy clients locally in the North West we have also designed office spaces and office refurbishment in London, Yorkshire and Humber, the Midlands, the South West and the South East. On each occasion our multi-disciplinary team of interior designers utilise their vast experience and unique skillsets to improve your office and, ultimately, improve the productivity of your staff who we delight time after time with their new surroundings.

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Some Of The Services We Offer Include

Office Interior Design

The Cheshire Office Interiors team will consult closely with you, listening to your ideas and concerns. We specialise in all aspects of office fit-out, refurbishment and office relocation. It is important to us that, when providing you with a workspace in which you will be spending a lot of time in, or office refurbishment, your specific needs are met to the most intricate of details.

We apply our wealth of design expertise to achieve an office space or office refurbishment which will inspire you and your team. The whole business will function better when we transform your premises into a place which impresses the staff. More importantly it will be transformed into an office that will blow clients away, they will be delighted to be working with a forward-thinking and friendly company.

To start we produce a plan from site measurements, or an existing footprint. We do this with an initial site visit and consultation. This starting plan will allow us to produce a design concept, utilising your ideas that you can then trust us to take forward. We then plan the office space, meeting rooms, breakout areas, storage areas and the all important reception area which, as the first point of contact with prospective clients, has to be memorable and inviting. We also create bespoke designs for lighting, power and air conditioning systems etc.

Next we turn to our highly proficient artists to product layout drawings, showing you exactly how the space has been planned. These layout drawings are accompanied with a mood/design board which includes specific textures, finishes and colours, giving you a deeper insight into the workplace that the Cheshire Office Interiors team has dreamt up for you.

Once you have signed off and approved the design we will produce working drawings, allowing us to gain planning permission. We can then proceed with the implementation of our design and the transformation of your premises.

Our design and build method ensures that your brief will be fully met and result in a more than satisfactory outcome for your new office space.

Space Planning

It is imperative that we use all available space efficiently. By doing this we deliver a high performance work environment, having a beneficial effect on productivity, flexibility and this can also reduce infrastructure costs.

Good office space is key to improving overall efficiency and it can have a positive impact upon communication throughout your business. At Cheshire Office Interiors we understand this, we shape our design projects to create bespoke solutions in order to achieve all of these goals. We offer full turnkey solutions which include:

Feasibility Study

We can help you decide how much space you need, depending on whether you are refurbishing your existing premises or moving to a new building and need to start from scratch. Our team assesses how much space your company requires in terms of staff numbers, any potential expansion plans and existing departmental requirements. We even optimise storage space and communal facilities after a thorough assessment.

New Building Appraisals

The Cheshire Office Interiors team will carry out a full site survey or any new buildings you are considering relocating your business to. We will make an informed decision about the premises, letting you know which most suits your requirements and which will be most cost effective.

Layout Drawings & Visuals

We carry out feasibility studies and building appraisals to then produce detailed layout drawings and test fit drawings, demonstrating to you exactly how the newly designed space will function. We can go one step further and even produce 3D digital walkthroughs to give you even more of an idea of what the office will look like before we start the actual onsite process.

Project Management

Our approach is always driven by your needs and we recognise that with each project comes a different challenge. We work closely with you to guide the job from design through procurement to implementation and the eventual handover.

We adhere to all Health and Safety requirements, CMD documentation and Building Control approvals. We will even co-ordinate external services and include them in our remit.

We work mutually with all clients and their project managers/contract managers. We will agree timings, frequency of site meetings and any other contact to improve the overall ease of the process.

Office Refurbishment

At Cheshire Office Interiors, whether its office refurbishment or an office relocation you require, we can help you from start to finish and offer a full office refurbishment package.

For many years we have been completing office refurbishments from our base in Manchester, Cheshire and throughout the UK. Our experts can re-design and install your new office exactly how you want it;we undertake the entire refurbishment of any office space, starting with the initial consultation and feasibility study - moving through to the final handover day with our clients.

We have carried out hundreds of refurbishments across a multitude of sectors. We therefore understand how important your office space is to you and your business. We've also built up excellent relationships with our contractors, allowing us to project manage your office refurb - just the way you want it.

Compliance Requirements

We consider all legal requirements regarding square feet per person or in shared office spaces, boardrooms, meeting rooms. We also fully comply with all fire safety, health, safety and welfare regulations.

Relevant Business Requirements

We strive to meet the relevant requirements for each business, we consult business owners, senior management, management and staff, our consultations cover furniture, storage, IT telecoms and power requirements.

Glazed Partitions and Manifestation

Whether you are looking for something purely functional or your criteria is more aesthetic, we have a range of the industries leading proprietary systems. Just as every business is unique so is every interior we provide.

Our helpful and skilled design team will come up with a flexible proposal that meets all your requirements and you can chat to us about the following:

Seamless Glazed Systems
Fire Rated Double Glazed Systems
Timber Systems
Storage Walls
Blinds, Graphics and Manifestation
Carpets and Wall Covering

Office Furniture

We have connections with many leading manufacturers so are not tied to the provision of any particular dealer. This allows us to source the highest quality furniture to suit your business and employee needs.

We listen to you in order to find the correct solution and if you need a particular brand, we will look to source it especially for you. We look high and low for the perfect solutions whilst always providing the highest quality of design and all within the price range you desire.

Our furniture is sourced from a huge range of products, from bespoke, classic, executive veneered and contemporary technologies, our engineering team will also more than gladly re-engineer any existing desking to match our new design for your office.

It is all about striking the right balance between aesthetics, function and, of course, your budget.

Washroom Refurbishment

  • Complete CAD layout
  • Design of finishes and surfaces
  • The stripping out of existing toilet facilities
  • Fitting of concealed duct panelling, vanity units and cubicle partitions
  • Suspended ceilings
  • Installation of dryers and lighting
  • Plumbing works
  • Decorating
  • Choice of relevant sanitary ware
  • Fitting of suitable flooring

Acoustic Solutions

Cheshire Office Interiors have carried out acoustic surveys for lots of offices, schools and colleges where noise has been an issue and we have been able to provide several different acoustic solutions.

Acoustics are essential to any office design and we use sound absorbent materials to create the optimal acoustic environment. We offer a full acoustic service and will endeavour to help solve any of your acoustic issues.

Acoustic ceiling solutions
Classroom acoustic systems
Office acoustic systems
College acoustic systems

Floor Coverings

The floor finish of an interior design is vital to the overall success of a project. We will ensure that any product is fit for your particular purpose. We provide sample boards to achieve the full aesthetic you both desire and deserve. We then ensure tile, timber or appropriate material is designed the highest standard.