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Here at Cheshire Office Interiors, we have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing great offices. We cover all aspects of the design and then carry out an immaculately thorough job. We are a multidisciplinary interior design company that specialises in the design of office spaces, and we have an impressive portfolio of clients, which are drawn from a wide variety of sectors – including government, education, accountancy, legal and agency fields.

Our company’s aim is to provide our customers with bespoke offices through impeccable service, borne out of great planning. We feel that this is the best way to give our customers exactly what they want, whilst ensuring that we meet not only requirements but all statutory requirements.

The service we provide is a comprehensive package which leaves no stone unturned, in order to provide you with an office space which not only looks good and uses space well, but inspires and motivates each and every one of your staff. We believe that a person’s working environment has an enormous effect on their productivity, and for this reason we aim to design and fit offices which appeal to everyone who will be using it.

One of our main focuses is space utilisation, because we understand that this has a direct effect on your costs and thereby the efficiency of your business as a whole. Poor utilisation of space is something we strive to eliminate here at Cheshire Office Interiors, as we believe that the only way to deliver a superb job is to prepare meticulously. For this reason, we make sure that our designs incorporate attractive and practical layouts which make optimum use of space.

We liaise closely with our customers throughout the entire initial design process, and all the way through to the fitting of the office and the completion of the job. The bespoke service we offer our clients is something we believe sets us apart from other interior design companies out there – we pride ourselves on our ability to communicate, and believe that including our customers in the decision making and keeping them up to date with the progress of the job is something that is vital to the overall success of the project.

Although we are based in Cheshire, our services are not limited to the North West; we are happy to provide our services in any part of the country, as we are known as a nationwide company who deliver great service and results regardless of the location of our clients. Wherever you are in the United Kingdom, we will be happy to provide you with our expertise and craft, in order to design and construct an office space which improves your business.

As well as having served a great many customers in the North West, we have designed and installed great office spaces over in Yorkshire, down in the Midlands, the South West and the South East – including London. Throughout each and every one of those jobs we have applied our multi-disciplinary expertise and craftsmanship to create great offices and give old ones a facelift.

We are more than happy to take on any design job, whether the space in question is a completely blank canvas in a new building, or is an old and established office that needs a major makeover. Renovation is something we specialise in, and through our innovative and thorough designs we can transform your outdated office into a totally unrecognisable space.

As we realise that you and your employees will be spending a great deal of time in your office space, we make sure that at all times we listen to your ideas and your concerns, because when all is said and done, it is you who will be working in there day in and day out. We know what looks great, but you know what you want ultimately, so we aim to always meet in the middle and provide our clients with offices spaces which they think look great too.

We work closely with many office furniture manufacturers, so we can source the highest quality office furniture out there and provide it to you at attractive price points. We realise that each and every office will require different furniture, and we are more than happy to assist you in picking it. We believe that office furniture is also one of the key components of a great office space, just like the layout and the use of space is. Good furniture will also motivate your members of staff and provide them with optimum comfort at work.

We are determined to strike the perfect balance between function and aesthetics, whilst also using your budget as effectively as possible. We want you and your whole organisation to be happy with your office, and we want your customers and clients – in fact anyone who ever visits – to be impressed by it. We believe that the office we design can enhance your reputation considerably, and we will apply our expertise to make sure we design you an office which accurately reflects your company and its values.

We are not interested in creating office spaces which will not stand the test of time. Our ultimate goal is to create office spaces which can actually be used by our customers for many years once we are done, and still look great throughout that time.

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