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One of the biggest problems that has to be dealt with in an office is sound. Noise within the workplace can lead to distractions, which then can significantly reduce productivity. It’s important that productivity remains high, which is why we provide top quality acoustic solutions.

There’s just so much going on within a workplace that can end up taking up peoples attention. This can range from the opening of cabinets, people on phones, electrical equipment and even people in the other end of the office. Whether these items are working individually or altogether, it can end up making communication a tough task.

The majority of options require good soundproofing, especially if they’re open plan or there’s a number of different offices. Call centres require high levels of soundproofing so that the work environment stays professional and it isn’t uncomfortable for the person on the other end of the phone.

Meeting rooms, interview spaces, conference rooms and boardrooms are all places that sound control is essential. Making the most out of acoustics has become an important part in the majority of offices. It has simply become an important part of office construction to ensure that the perfect acoustic environment is created.

The most astounding fact is that it can take anywhere up to 23 minutes for a worker to get back to what they were doing, which can cause great concerns when it comes to the output of work, especially when someone works in an open plan office. Another fact is that performance levels can be as low as 2% or 10% if a person can hear background noise.

We offer a number of different acoustic services that once installed are able to deal with a number of sound problems.

Acoustic ceiling solutions

The majority of older properties are known for having high ceilings which exist to draw hot air away from a specific space. As of late, acoustic ceilings have been a popular choice for the majority of offices, as well as other locations.

It’s a solution that’s affordable and is an accessible way to lower the height of a room, as well as deadening any ambient noise that may occur in the space. Using acoustic ceilings first became popular during the 1960s onwards, especially during 1978 when any products that had asbestos inside were banned for use.

It had a massive impact on how acoustic panels were installed at that time, and numerous people had to hire specialists to remove the older panels. One of the reasons that acoustic ceilings are so popular is how they dampen any noise that’s created between floors.

They’re also incredibly versatile, allowing you to paint any panels so they match the overall aesthetic of your office space, something that can have a large effect on productivity. Replacing these panels is also relatively simple, although you may want us to deal with all of the aspects of replacement.

Another of the reasons that acoustic ceilings are popular is that they can be used to make an unappealing room look good. Instead of taking out an expensive renovation of a ceiling that’s dilapidated, a selection of acoustic tiles can be a sufficient solution.

When it comes to the cost between installing acoustic ceiling solutions or a whole renovation of the space, acoustic ceiling is definitely the must have choice.

School/college classroom acoustic systems

When it comes to the acoustics within a classroom, a lot of time and effort needs to be spent ensuring they are of the best quality. It goes without saying that the classroom is where learning occurs, and if there’s excessive noise it can lead to a number of problems.

One of the biggest problems you can find in any school is background noise. There’s just so much that can go on, with traffic, lawnmowers, people on their break, people walking by the classroom and even heating units can cause excessive noise that can cause large distractions.

For teachers, the noise levels have a massive impact on how they teach. It’s estimated that a teacher will use their voice for at least 60% of a working day. Ensuring they can vocalise is essential, and if they have to talk louder to compensate the excessive strain on their vocal cords can cause a sore throat or even complete loss.

It’s possible for us to install a variety of acoustic solutions that are essential for proper classroom functionality. Ranging from soundproofing to acoustic panels, there’s a variety of solutions that can be accessible for any situation.

Sometimes the simple options can be the best. If a classroom is close to a busy road then double glazing can be a great choice for noise control, as well as higher levels of efficiency.

Within colleges it’s essential to have numerous acoustic systems to accommodate everybody.

A popular option is to have folding or sliding panel walls. These can be used to split up a single room so that the two spaces can be used for completely different uses. Its versatility allows you to maximise both the sound insulation and the room, making it a cost effective solution.

If a college is situated near to a road, a great decision is an acoustic door. They can be used to cancel out the all of the outside noises, and if theses doors are used in a corridor it’s an effective way to cut off excessive noise that could work as a distraction.

Office acoustic systems

Offices require a good level of acoustic systems to ensure that everybody can work well with as few distractions as possible. We are always surrounded by sounds throughout the day, but some are both annoying and distracting. As it has a large effect on how a person can feel and also behave, time and effort should be invested into the the correct office acoustic systems.

One of the popular types of office design is open plan. Although it can be a great way for multiple teams to work together without having to go from floor to floor, it presents its own problems when it comes to how sound is distributed. If there are a number of teams near to each other it can become increasingly distracting as time goes on.

A popular choice for sound suppression is by erecting barriers or system wall panels. This stops a number of sounds from passing through the space, which can be increasingly useful if there’s a meeting space near where everyone is working.

Another way which is good for controlling sound is by using absorbent panels that absorb rather than reflect. Offices that have a lot of people coming and going will find this useful, as when a person comes in and starts to speak to someone the rest of the people in the office won’t be distracted.

Cheshire Office Interiors and your acoustic solution needs

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors, we are able to provide you with top quality acoustic solutions that are able to handle sound in any way you want. Whether it be bouncing the sound or absorbing it, we’ll spend the time with you to ensure you get a solution that best suits your needs.

There’s a number of situations we can accommodate to, and it’s important to us that you get a service that’s of the highest quality. All of our staff members are experts who can ensure you have an enjoyable and carefree experience without you having to worry about what’s going on.

If you have any questions at all, or want to know more about the services we can provide, get in contact today and we’ll get back in touch as fast as we can. You can also join the conversation on Twitter: @cheshireoffice.

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