Getting creative with old office chairs

Getting personal with office designAh, the good old office chair. Sturdy, comfortable and reliable – until it isn’t anymore. Yet, in this case, recycling isn’t actually the best option as office chairs are made of many different materials that are hard to separate. This means that it isn’t actually a very cost-effective process. Of course, you can take the chair apart and recycle some of the components yourself, or – if it’s still in a usable condition – give it away, sell or store it.

But we like to have fun, so we would suggest getting creative with it!

It’s what’s on the outside that counts

If the problem with the chair is in the covering – either that it’s worn or – worse – boring, you can reupholster it. The great thing about this is that because you don’t see the underside of the chair, you really don’t need to be a design expert to make it look good. Use the manufacturer’s instructions to remove the seat and back from the chair and measure it. Cut out two pieces of fabric – the funkier the better – cover appropriately and staple to the bottom of the chair. Simples!

It’s no Cat-astrophe

Like much else these days, there’s nothing that can’t be solved with a cat. Make like so many others before you and turn your office chair into cat toys or beds. You can even make a cat bunk bed by dismantling the backrest and reassembling it by flipping one bracket. Your furry friend(s) will be ecs-catic!

The parts are greater than the sum

If the whole chair cannot be salvaged, fear not! There is no end to the number of things you can do with the parts. Just one example is adding the wheels to a shelf to make a rolling shelving unit, which, on their own, can be very pricey.


There is literally no limit to where you can go with an office chair, and Pinterest is always a good place to start!

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