Getting personal with office design

Getting personal with office designIt’s no surprise that as technology evolves, more and more people are taking to working from home. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love the idea of a morning commute which consists of rolling out of bed, a proper breakfast that does not need to be wolfed down in five seconds flat and the comfortable seat of your sofa in which to work from – topped off with a onesie from the night before.

Yet, of course, this is but a luxury that many people simply dream of. After all, not everyone’s profession is conducive to this type of working – no matter how progressive we are as a generation. It may be no wonder, therefore, that we are – collectively – seeking to make our working space that much more personal. If we can’t work from home in our pyjamas, then we’re damn well going to get as close as we possibly can!

This ‘home from home’ preference is not one that is borne out of true laziness, either. Many studies have shown that a personalised workspace increases the sense of satisfaction in a job, thereby boosting productivity, morale and overall contentment. It can also make you feel more relaxed and, therefore, more in control of your working environment. A happy workforce will – not surprisingly – boost retention and limit staff turnover – a win-win for both employer and employee.

David Dews, creative director at branding and digital agency, Speed, tells us that as “creativity flows through everything we do … it’s about collaborating at the right times, in the right manner and in an open yet purposeful way.

“A culture without creativity is dull and this can include almost anything! So if you encourage a creative and collaborative environment then you breed a culture where people want to share their thinking and ideas are opened up easily. This naturally sparks more value and deeper thinking”, the result of which is “high quality work!”

“Diversity in the workplace is a great way to bring conversation and embrace what makes us different”, adds brand executive, Suzanne Vallance, from Rent an Office Space. “A unique personalised space accommodates the needs of individual workers through personal expression. Communicating your brand to client and staff through a branded office space is [also] a great way to solidify marketing efforts from the nucleus of your working environment. It reinforces brand values and makes being in work an immersive experience for all who enter the building.”

According to John Hackston, who is just one researcher who has looked into this phenomenon, simple changes to help achieve this effect include “allowing staff more storage for personal items when hot desking; creating smaller neighbourhoods within open-plan offices; not overdoing clear desk policies as clearing away all personal items can be demotivating to some people and providing quiet zones for people to work in when needed.”

Other simple solutions include allowing your employees to choose their own stationary and electronic devices, encouraging personal decoration, choosing a throw or cushion for your chair and injecting some nature into the office – be it in the form of plants, flowers or an indoor vegetable patch – as this has been proven to have incredible benefits for mental health.

So what are you waiting for? Get into your metaphorical PJs and start making office feel like home.

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