Office Interior Design

Transforming a blank canvas into something amazing

What is interior design?


In our eyes, it’s transforming a blank canvas into something amazing. The effort put into creating a well-designed space for your business can completely change the atmosphere and how you can be perceived by clients. Creating a ground plan of your workspace can make a drastic difference. We take the time to use our professional, bespoke services to create a place you can be happy to use, whether you are based in Manchester, Cheshire or the North West we have a solution for you.

It’s not just about putting a chair here and there, it’s about making a space which is unique in its own right. Just a few decisions can change the feel of a room. Staff are more likely to be more productive if they are working in a comfortable office than in a dark and dingy room. If a workplace is comfortable and stylish, it’s more likely that your staff will see the workplace as a place they enjoy being.

The great thing about interior design are the options, there are just so many of them! From making a sleek and professional office space, to a relaxed college kitchen, we can provide the design you need. It’s a number one priority to ensure we create an appropriate design to work for you.

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors, we understand that every company has a different and unique design choice. By having a close working relationship, our team can work with every specific need that you have. We sort out all health and safety requirements. We work closely with your Projects Manager and Contracts Manager so we can agree on the timing of projects. We also update you on site progress, subcontractor management and valuations.

Our team has a collection of design expertise that will create a workplace unique to you. A well-made design will not only motivate staff but also impress clients. Once a business has an interior design implemented, it will make for a business that functions better. It will make clients perceive you as being forward-thinking, as well as being a friendly company to work with.

The design process Something that is of number one priority to us is to work and listen closely to your concerns and ideas. When working on a design, we understand that we are creating a workspace that you will be spending a lot of time within. It’s important that your specific needs are catered for, which is why we spend so much time listening to the intricate details of your design specifications so that we provide an interior design that is beneficial to your company.

One of the main aims we look to provide is value. We offer a service you want, when you want it and how you want it. We understand that poor space management can make a design more expensive than it really needs to be. Our bespoke and skillfully designed offices create a space that gives your business a competitive edge, so whether you are looking for Interior Design in Manchester or Cheshire, give us a call today.

Depending on which business activities you undertake, it can vary on the amount of space and requirements you have. We spend a considerable amount of time with managers, senior management and business owners, so that we can be absolutely positive on the amount of space you need for your project. This can vary from power requirements, storage, I.T. telecoms and cover furniture. By doing this, when actual construction starts, we can be sure on what we are doing and how long it is going to take.

We pride ourselves on providing a bespoke service, while working closely with you, the client, from the planning stages to the final fit. Something we fully understand is that a dull design doesn’t motivate staff. Our impressive work portfolio covers interior design, space planning, project management, refurbishment, washroom refurbishment, partitioning, office furniture, commercial floor coverings and acoustic solutions in Manchester, Cheshire and London. Depending on whether you want a traditional design, or something completely unique, we can work with the design you have in mind.

We can work with a blank slate and transform it into whatever design you need. We will work closely with you, listening to exactly what it is you want. As the plan grows, we can pick and change different aspects of it, making your space unique to you. One of the services we provide is turning your design into a drawn floor plan so that you can see if we have made the design how you envisioned it. Have an existing floor plan? We can use that to expand and take away what you see fit to make a design ideal to your needs.

If a plan needs to be more detailed, we can provide digital 3D walkthroughs. This allows you to view your office exactly how it will look when complete. This can help in decision making, as well as allowing us to help you to figure out exactly how much work space you need.

By using our many years of expertise we help you to work out how much office space you need. Just by looking at a floor-plan, we can work out how much space you need for it to be cost effective and efficient.

We always ensure that your brief is fully met so that you will be completely satisfied with your new office space. By focusing on these following areas we ensure that we always provide a service you can be proud of:

The Interior

There is a lot to consider when creating an office interior design. With the choice of meeting rooms, breakout areas, reception and storage areas, along with lighting, power, air conditioning and more, an interior design plan focuses on ensuring these items are incorporated into your space as hassle free as possible.

To make an interior design which is personal to you, we go into the precise details. Finishes, textures and colours can easily affect the ambience of a room. Depending on how you want your business to be perceived, a few minor choices can completely change the way your business is seen. Whether it be completely professional, or business casual, we will work to provide you with the appropriate design.

A lot of people presume that interior design is only to do with the aesthetic of a room. That couldn’t be further from the truth. We provide designs that include the lighting, power and air conditioning. This requires assessing electrical wiring. This is no problem, as our team of experts are trained to deal with situations like that.

Another service we provide is the installation of washrooms and toilets. We make sure that all the plumbing work is done to the proper standards. The choice of relevant sanitary-ware is an important part of any building. We will also work on the proper choice of suitable flooring. All these decisions and more and are not only fully designed by us, but we also install them.

An important part of any business that gets ignored a lot of the time is acoustic solutions. In recent surveys, it was discovered that in an open plan office space, employees are interrupted every three minutes. It can then take up to 23 minutes for a worker to get back to the original task at hand. Just by using sound absorbing materials, office distractions may be significantly reduced.

Sometimes, as a business, you may want to expand out of your current office and into a new building. We will carry out full site surveys on any building you are considering relocating to. The information we give you will help you to make an informed decision on whether or not to move to a premise that not only suits your requirements, but is also as cost effective as possible.

We pride ourselves on our monitoring and evaluation skills.

Monitoring is the routine and systematic collection of data from projects and design programmes for four main purposes:

It’s important to learn from past experiences. To make sure all projects run smoothly we monitor and log everything we do. This helps us to work well with practices we have already done. To have external and internal understanding of all resources used and any results obtained throughout a project. Making informed decisions on the future of the project. To promote the decisions beneficiaries make during the project. Monitoring occurs from the planning stage of a project through to the end. It allows all experiences, results and processes of a project to be documented, allowing learning processes and decision-making to be steered in the right direction. The more important feature of monitoring is the ability to check progress. All the data collected during the monitoring stage is used as the evaluation at the end of a project.

Evaluation is the assessment stage. This is done as systematically as possible. There are five main aspects:

Sustainability Efficiency Effectiveness Impact Relevance Evaluation collects all the data and information of the project so that it can help to make strategic decisions. This helps to improve the project and any other programme that may be taken on in the future. All this information is put together and is used in the evaluative analysis.

Monitoring and evaluation is a major part of any project. Other companies seem to believe that it is simply an optional part of a project, and that it’s something that is nice to offer. We firmly believe it is an essential part of a project and should never be ignored. Monitoring and evaluating work side by side to provide a detailed evaluation is one of the most useful processes a project can have.

They work side by side in three distinct areas:

How do we manage time around our activities? What are we actually supposed to be doing? If something is changed, why are they being changed and how will they be changed? When an activity is finished, what long term effects does it have on the rest of the project? The evaluation side of this analyses and interprets all this data. The effects and the overall impact of the project are analysed as deeply as possible, so that the client can receive a fully detailed overall analysis of the project and everything is informative and clear.

Our clients CRBE Investments manage, on behalf of an investor, an office building that had a tired 1970s common area and washroom. The building was in a city centre location, making them highly marketable. However, they desperately wanted to change the interior design so as to attract more tenants and support existing occupants.

Even though they had a strict budget, we managed to create a modern feel to the areas they highlighted. They felt it made that much of an impact that they had the design carried over to the remaining floors. Such was the improvement in fact, that Regus, the world’s largest serviced office provider, took up a whole wing on the 7th floor.

What we promise

One of our fundamental promises is to provide an interior design that benefits as many people in your building as possible. By using professional designers that are experts in their field, we can create a building with a bespoke interior design that incorporates all the requirements that you could possibly need. It doesn’t matter how big or small the space you are working with is. Whether you just want a simple design, or a full renovation, we can cater to your needs and produce the right specification for you. We cover Manchester, Cheshire and the North East, we have also worked with clients in London.

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