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Here at Cheshire Office Interiors, we design inspirational and motivating workplaces. At all times our work is driven by your vision and your needs, from the initial design all the way through to the installation and completion of the project. We have a great deal of experience in the design and installation of great looking, practical and memorable office spaces, each of which is tailored specifically to the taste and requirements of each client. We would not be able to deliver the breathtaking end results which have become our trademark if it wasn’t for our excellent project management.

Our project management team ensure that every aspect of the job goes as smoothly as it possibly can – from the moment you get in touch with us until the project is complete and your amazing new office is handed over to you. There is not one stage in the process that we do not carefully consider – we leave no stone unturned and make sure that we allocate enough time for each part of the design and installation so that it can be completed to the highest possible standard.

When we work with you on any office design – regardless of how big or small the job – you will liaise closely with both a Project Manager and a Contract Manager, who will take care of absolutely everything.

Your Project Manager and Contracts Manager will keep you fully up to date on the progress of the project, which we believe is important because it allows you to fully appreciate just how much work we are putting in for you. Our approach is always consultative and we are more than ready to do whatever is necessary to meet your needs as closely as possible.

We will establish a mutually agreed programme with you, through which we will arrange site meetings so that you can see how the job is going first hand. The more frequent the meetings, the better, though we understand that some of our clients cannot commit a great deal of time to site meetings. As long as you are happy with how the project is going, so are we – you can be as involved or detached from the project as you wish. We find that many of our clients like to visit the site quite often throughout the project because they can physically see the incredible transformation taking place, whilst other simply want the job to be taken care of and entrust us with that task. Either approach works with us, but we will always go out of our way to communicate with you how things are going, whether that is in person or over the phone. We believe that such a closely communicative relationship breeds much better overall results, as it means we can better deliver your vision.

Our project management team will ensure that every Health and Safety requirement is adhered to, and every relevant piece of documentation is completed, including Building Control approvals. Here at Cheshire Office Interiors we pride ourselves on our ability to design and install office spaces which are not only aesthetically-pleasing, but technically sound and adhere to legal requirements. We make sure that the office interiors we produce allow for enough space per person to meet all legal requirement.

As we are a multidisciplinary interior design company, we can provide our clients with a wide range of services and products – our extensive breadth of experience means that we are not mere jacks of all trades where office design is concerned, but have access to expertise in each and every one of them. Our team all specialise in different areas, which is great because it give you much more authoritative and effective solutions.

When all the imaginations and sets of skills we have here at Cheshire Office Interiors comes together, the results are striking and of an instantly recognisable high quality. We supply our clients with workplaces which inspire everyone within the business, thereby increasing productivity and maximising success. A person’s working environment really does dictate to a very large extent how well they work – uplifting environments motivate workers whilst depressing ones dispirit them. We aim to obliterate the latter, and so every office we design is intended to create a much better overall work atmosphere.

Of course the design we come up with for your office will depend to some extent on what sector you operate within, but every office has the potential to be better and inspire more success within its workforce.

Whether you are moving to a new office in an entirely new building, moving your existing office into a new building, or simply want to renovate your existing office without moving at all, we can do that for you. Our project management process remains the same no matter what the scale of your job or how long it will take.

Once we have ascertained the site of your new dream office space, we begin to design it. We visit the site and take all the necessary measurements and note everything we must bear in mind when we come to actually plan the layout. Along with this initial site visit we will also meet with you for close consultation, during which time we will make sure that we understand exactly what you want before we start. We feel this is very important because it allows us to formulate a clear vision from the outset and means that you will feel much more confident and safe in the knowledge that your project is in good hands.

One of the heavy focuses of our Project Management team is keeping you updated on the progress of your office’s design and installation. By doing this we can check with you before we carry out the bigger jobs, and can also make changes to the design quickly and efficiently if need be. We understand that sometimes you will decide at the last minute that you would actually like a certain aspect of the office to look a different way – and this is no problem.

We are extremely communicative and are always available for consultation; we do not believe that the process should simply consist of us completing the initial design and then going off that to complete the project. In reality, changes to designs are made quite commonly for one reason or another – that is just the nature of interior design; it can be an involved process. However, due to our keenness in regards to communicating with our clients as frequently as possible, we believe that we make the process much less stressful for everyone concerned.

Space Planning

A truly great office not only looks fantastic, but uses its space to its fullest potential. Here at Cheshire Office Interiors, we make it our mission to make the best possible use of your space that we can. If you are moving to a new site and considering several different options, we will take many aspects into consideration, but one of the key things to bear in mind is the space. You want to have enough space to cope comfortably at all times – certainly not too little space, but not too much either. You also, however, will need to consider how much space you will need if your company expands in the future – and will pick your office site accordingly.

We are here to help you make your calculated decision, and will gladly offer advice – as office interior design is our area of expertise, we have come across many a canvas in our time and will be able to assist in your site selection. You want your office to be as cost effective as possible, after all, as the running of it can be a significant expense for your organisation – we are here to minimise that expense as much as possible whilst also providing you with an effective office space you can maximise the value of.

We will provide you with layout drawings once the feasibility study is complete and you have established which office site is for you. We know that these drawings are invaluable, as they allow you, the client, to see the blueprint of your new dream office space and visualise exactly how it will look. The layout drawings will show you how every inch of the space you are paying for will be utilised, and thanks to our innovative designs there will not be any of it wasted. If required, we can even produce 3D digital walkthroughs so that you can see what the office will look like once you are in it. All of this is done before we actually start the installation process, so that if you feel there are any adjustments which need to be made, they can be. Our Project Management team will relay any amendments to the design and installation team, who will make the necessary adjustments.

Monitoring and evaluation

Once we have got the design of your office space together and begin to carry out the installation, we will closely monitor it at all times. We keep a detailed log to ensure that nothing is over looked – although we have a great breadth of experience and have done thousands of jobs before, we understand that keeping a record of everything is one way to ensure the desired outcome is assured.

Monitoring better allows us to check the progress of the project better, and we then look at all the data we have collected when we come to the evaluation stage upon the completion of the job.

Our commitment to proficient project management

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors we believe that our focus on superb project management is one of the many aspects of our set-up which sets us apart from our competitors. Though we are a company made up of extremely talented and hard-working individuals, we believe that the guidance of the Project Manager is invaluable to the process – they make sure everything is done at the right time and to the right standard.

We are extremely proud of our work here at Cheshire Office Interiors, as we have designed countless office's. No matter what your company does, we believe we can design and install the perfect office for you. We tailor our designs and layouts to each customer from scratch – we do not simply regurgitate past designs with slight tweaks. We believe that the originality of our designs is what makes us such a great company to work with, but with such innovative design and out-of-the-box thinking comes a necessity for highly organised and disciplined project management. Jumping head first into a project is not something we will ever do – even on the most straightforward of jobs. Our Project Management team closely monitors the progress of every job and reports back to the client, in order to make sure that we are delivering their vision.

If you would like to find out more about our Project Management capabilities, please give us a call or drop us an email. We will explain to you exactly what we can do for your office space and how our Project Management will ensure that you receive the best possible service from us.

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