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When you’re looking at office furniture online, you could feel overwhelmed by the sheer range of choice there is available. When looking at which style, material or style of office chair, table or even the shelving to install at your office, you might find it rather difficult to actually bite the bullet and make any decision, let alone an informed decision.

Thats why, here at Cheshire Office Interiors, if you need office furniture or are looking for an office refurbishment including matching, stylish, practical furniture, we are the first people you should come and speak to.

We have a wealth of experience in all aspects of office outfitting, and as a multidisciplinary interiors company, we have a hugely varied portfolio across a range of government, educational and listed buildings that we have worked on. We have improved not only the look of these offices, but the practicality for the employees who work within them. In essence, our company ethos is all about offering a truly bespoke design service which matches you and your business’s needs.

Our service

We have many connections with world leading furniture manufacturers. This means that we are not tied down to any particular range, allowing us to source the highest quality furniture to suit the needs of your business and your employees. We listen closely to you so that we are able to find the correct solution, and if you are after a particular brand that you like, we will go one step further and look to source it especially for you. We look everywhere, high and low, whilst always ensuring that the furniture we provide is of the highest quality, within budget, and that it matches with the design of your office space as a whole.

Not only is the design of the furniture we provide of the utmost importance, we always work to the budget that you have communicated to us. Communication is key when we are working with clients. We always assign an account manager who will liaise with you closely throughout all stages of the project, from the initial communications, to your move-in day.

Our furniture is sourced from a huge range of products, from bespoke, classic, executive veneered, as well as ergonomic contemporary pieces fit for the 21st century. Our engineering team can re-engineer any existing desking so it matches your new office and its specific interior style. We work in a way which keeps your own needs at the forefront of our minds throughout the whole design process. Your needs are paramount to us and when we are developing your new office space, it’s all about striking the right balance between aesthetics, function, and, most importantly, your budget, however big or small it may be.

The above is at the heart of what we do as a company here at Cheshire Office Interiors. Below we will run through the thought and design processes which we enter into with each and every new client that we work with. We will also provide you with insight into some of the previous refurbishments and renovations that have kept our customers and their employees very happy.

Our services

As you’re most likely aware, it’s not just office furniture that we provide – we also offer a comprehensive service which looks to meet the exact needs of our customers, no matter what they may be. By choosing Cheshire Office Interiors, you will be working alongside some of the most experienced designers and fitters in the industry, across a number of different services, including:

  • Interior design
  • Space planning
  • Project management
  • Refurbishment
  • Washroom refurbishment
  • Office furniture
  • Floor coverings
  • Acoustic solutions

What to consider when choosing office furniture: 


Value is at the heart of absolutely everything we provide. Our bespoke offices are designed with care and skill so that your business gains the competitive edge that it deserves.


By value, we certainly do not mean ‘cheap’. Budget furniture may be lower cost in the short-term, but over a longer period it will start to cost you, and in more ways that one. You simply won’t be saving anything at all if your furniture begins to fall apart after a short while. By cutting corners on things like furniture, you’re risking the health of those who are most important to you, your employees. We always look to provide furniture which is able to keep workers in comfort and that aids productivity.

Working in discomfort can cause lower back pain, and health issues like this could be costing your company money, especially if the number of sick days the workforce takes begins to rise. Again, by working with Cheshire Office Interiors, we have a track record in providing good looking, but most importantly, ergonomic furniture which helps your business in more ways than one.


There are a few different things to consider when you’re selecting new desking for you and your employees. It’s important to understand whether it will meet your job requirements whilst fitting within the parameters of your office and of course looking good. We always think about these things:

  • Comfort
  • Ergonomics
  • Effect on productivity

If you are mainly completing work on laptops or desktop computers, we are able to offer a range of desks which have been specifically designed with built in wiring holes, allowing unsightly and sometimes dangerous tripping hazards to be kept out of the way.

If you work with lots of paper, choose a desk which has a large surface area which allows you to spread your paperwork out in an orderly manner. Look for desks with built in drawers or shelves, possibly even look for those with a large enough area so you can keep your own storage cabinets.

If you work in an open plan environment, we are able to source simple yet effective desks which allow colleagues to work around each other and to work in cohesion. This aids communication and allows teams to build and work more productively and, of course, in an efficient manner.

Reception area

The look and feel of a reception area is a crucial part of any business, no matter how big or small they are. The reception is the first place of contact your customers, clients, or jobseekers will have with your business, and for this reason, it’s important that the area makes a good first impression.

Our furniture suppliers are able to offer chairs, desks or even something a little more comfortable so that you can turn your reception into a place that you really want it to be. By carefully choosing your furniture and designing your office space, you can go a long way to adding more value to your company and premises as a whole. The area should reflect the ethos of your company, that’s why we strive to offer a fantastic range of furniture, so that there’s always something that you like.


One aspect of office design and layout which should never be overlooked is storage. Storage, when in an office of a smaller size, is very important to ensure that your employees are working in an environment that is fit for them to complete their daily tasks.


We know that style matters, and nowadays you don’t need exceedingly deep pockets in order to be able to afford to kit out your workplace in an inspiring and thoughtful way. Your ideas and our creative vision can ensure your office is stylish; you’ll then be able to impress your staff, your customers or any clients who visit your premises.

When choosing the style for your office, we like it when our clients amass ideas, sometimes in the form of a mood board, to give us a visual idea of what they actually want from their office space. A mood board gives us an idea of the style, materials, colour and overall feel of the furniture you want, so we can then go and source it for you from our suppliers.

Break areas

Not only is it important to provide your staff with furniture that is comfortable whilst they are at work, but break areas are also vital. Every worker needs a break during the day and we are able to supply plenty of furniture which will ensure that the break areas at your premises provide a casual, comforting space. This will allow your employees to ‘chill out’ and enjoy each others’ company, ultimately igniting positive conversations between co-workers.

Space planning

It’s imperative that when designing the office space for one of our clients, we use all the space that they have in an efficient manner. By utilising the whole office, building and its premises, we can boost productivity and the happiness of our customers. Good office space starts with good planning, and through this planning, in conjunction with fresh and creative ideas, we are able to achieve the goals that we set out to achieve, each and every time we embark on a new project.

Office furniture

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors, we design inspirational and motivating workplaces for all of our clients. Our design process is driven by both your vision and your needs, from the initial design all the way through to the completion of the project and the delivery and installation of your chosen furniture.

When working with you, regardless of how big or small the project we have undertaken together is, we will liaise extremely closely with you, providing both a Project Manager and a Contract Manager who will take care of absolutely everything for you to ensure that your project runs smoothly and to plan.

Throughout the entire planning and design process, we are on hand to talk you through any design choices that we make, so that we are able to work in cohesion, with one clear goal of how your office will look when it’s finished.

Please get in contact straight away if you have any questions about any of our services which have not been covered on our website. Because we’re experts at what we do, and we’re dedicated to the cause, we’re always available to run through absolutely anything that’s asked of us, from our interior design services through to our furniture provisions.

Our aim is to use our skills and collective visions to create your ideal office environment, and the sourcing and installation of office furniture is just one of the many strings to our bow. Our office interior design has helped many companies across Britain gain a competitive edge, whilst simultaneously allowing your staff to work in comfort and with the utmost productivity. If you have any office interior design ideas, and would like consultation on anything to do with interior office design, get in touch now.

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