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A range of partition walls that will help to create the perfect office

partitioning is essential if you’re trying to create a professional office space

Are you currently creating an office interior design plan? Here at Cheshire Office, we can provide you with a range of partition walls that will help to create the perfect office. Interior office designs are often difficult to complete, but with our assistance, you can create a space you are truly proud of.

Office partitioning is often essential if you’re trying to create a professional office space. It can be used to create meeting rooms, separate office areas or even individual work stations. If you want partitioning that will be designed and installed to the highest standard, with excellent service included, Cheshire Office is your go-to option.

One of our main goals is to make sure we provide you with the best solution that won’t only suit your requirements, but also your business and staff. Before we undergo any work, we make sure to spend the time to listen to what it is you want to achieve. We can then advise you on the best route to go down, as well as offering a competitive quote.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your job is; we are more than happy to assist you with your interior design project. We treat every single client with the utmost respect, and we spend a good amount of time listening to your ideas about how you envision your new office space.

We can assist you in creating a partitioning system that suits your office, and fits into your budget. Creating an office space that helps to optimise the property and workforce is key for any business, so we can guide and advise you until we have a solid plan we can work on.

Office partitions that suit

A criteria for one office design may be completely different from another. Some businesses prefer to stick with a traditional design, whereas others may prefer a more contemporary one. You have a blank canvas, and it’s up to you to fill it with the most suitable options.

When creating the correct partitioning for your property, it isn’t simply about the budget. It’s of vital importance that you make sure the partitioning fits within the existing look and aesthetic of your business.

We will talk with you about the different ranges we have and how they will look within your existing property. If you are uncertain about which partition is suitable for you, then we can figure out what it is you exactly want to convey to people.

A lot of modern offices like to have a contemporary design which fits in with their ethos. A seamless glazed partition can create a cool and modern ambiance that people will find enjoyable.

Timber partitioning can create a fresh and natural style. This material is also extremely resistant, and won’t damage easily. If you want to create a workspace that utilises the space you have efficiently, storage walls are essential.

No matter what you choose, whether it is traditional or completely unique, we make sure that we provide you with only the best customer service. We never use anything other than high quality materials and efficient manufacturing processes to create the office partition that is best for you.

Office partitioning range

Seamless Glazed Systems: Choosing seamless glazed office partitions is great if you want to create a spacious office that will maximise natural light. This has a knock-on effect, as your reliance on artificial light will diminish, leading to lower energy bills.

Seamless glazed office partitions are incredibly versatile, meaning that they they can be installed wall to wall, floor to ceiling and in many other ways. Businesses that are limited on space like to use this type of partition as it can make your office seem larger.

With a wide range of options available, including invisible frames and integrated designs, this type of partition can be tailored to all budgets.

Fire Rated Double Glazed Systems: Glazed partitions can be used as a vital safety feature. They can allow you to see any hazards that may be ahead, including both fire and smoke.

Dangers such as fire can be disastrous for any property. When a fire starts it is a completely unpredictable event, so it’s wise to do your best to keep people safe incase the worst does happen.

The benefits of fire rated partitioning cannot be expressed enough. Having effective fire protection design features is an essential part of your building’s fire safety strategy.

As you can guess from the name, only fire resistant glass can be used as part of a fire resistant partition. This includes the glazing seal, the glass, the fixings, the beads and even the frame.

When we use fire resistant glass partitioning, we always ensure it’s been tested extensively so you can have the peace of mind of knowing that you have a suitable fire escape plan.

Timber Systems: Generally, timber partitions can be more expensive that various other partitioning materials, but this is for good reason. The wooden textures convey a homely and inviting charm, as well as creating a natural ambiance.

One of the best things about wooden partitions is how they can be used to create a contemporary look. Designs can be engraved into the material, sometimes even company logos.

Having moving timber partition walls can allow you to open a room up, or shrink it down whenever you want. They can also be easily attached to rails, so that they can slide along.

Wall Store/Storage Wall: Storage walls are a great way to optimise the space you have, which can be of vital importance if you have a small property.

What makes storage walls just so unique is how versatile they are. They can be used to store general work items, or they be used as bespoke lockers for your employees. By utilizing your space as efficiently as possible, you are able to keep your office tidy and clear from unnecessary clutter.

There are just so many ways to utilise a storage wall in an office space. You are able to use them as a library, as a magazine rack or even a hidden refrigerator. Storage walls truly give you the freedom to create a space like no other.

In an open plan office, having a centralized storage space allows you to reduce the amount of office stationery that can normally be found on desks. Having a clean work environment is essential to keeping your workforce focused and motivated.

The main point of using storage walls is utilising space that would normally be unused by your business. Whether you use that space as a communal area, or simply for a specific team, you will instantly see the benefits it can bring to your working processes.

Blinds, Graphics and Manifestation: Turning a blank wall or glazed screen into a beautiful work of art can be essential for impressing potential clients and motivating your workforce.

A lot of people like to have their company message or logo out in the open to remind people of their company ethos. It’s completely up to you. If you see a design you like, or one you think will inspire your workforce, then it can be easily turned into a graphic.

Blinds can be used in many ways, aside from controlling light. For instance, they are often a good choice if you want privacy, as well as extra security. We have an extensive range of top quality blinds that will be sure to complement the office environment you work in.

Glass manifestation is a popular way to incorporate a design into an office space. You can go from a simple design to a full colour image – the sky’s the limit. Through the use of marking you can create almost any design imaginable.

Carpets and Wall Coverings: A lot of modern offices, especially open plan types, choose tile as their flooring option, as it’s durable and easy to clean. However, carpeting or even a mixture of floorings can be used throughout offices.

It’s all about what you think is suitable for your business. We can show you our extensive range of carpets and wall furnishings, so that you can get a feel of what will be best for you. We are sure we will create a design that you feel is appropriate for you.

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors, we make sure to provide all of our clients with the best in office interior design. Having the correct partitions is crucial, as it can change the aesthetic and atmosphere of your workplace. Whether a partition wall, or simply a new carpet, we can give you the best quality service possible.

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