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Good design is absolutely imperative

Excellent Space Planning Services

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors, we fully understand exactly what must be considered when office spaces and working environments are designed, and we carry out the job only after (and not before) extremely thorough planning. This is something we focus on no matter what the size or scale of the job, as we believe every job is worth doing with the same degree of professionalism and the same level of thought should be adopted. We design office spaces on a daily basis, so to say we specialise in this area would be an understatement. Good design is absolutely imperative – an office which has been designed well stands out and functions much better.

The way we are able to provide our customers with such high performance working environments and offices spaces is by making the most efficient use of the space available. This will not only benefit the productivity of your office, but will also mean that the overhead costs involved in the running of your office will remain as low as possible.

Good planning of your office space can vastly improve its utilisation; it can improve the level of effective communication within the office between your employees and the overall efficiency of your company and the smooth running of its operations.

Our steps

Feasibility study

We make it our mission to ascertain exactly how much space your organisation is going to need – whether this is new office in an entirely new building, a renovation of your existing office, or moving your existing office to a new site. When designing your office space, we consider how many staff you have and how much space they will each need, as well as whether you are likely to expand in the near future, the space requirements of each of the departments within your organisation, storage spaces and communal spaces. We leave no stone unturned in the space planning process, because it is so important to the overall success of the scheme. Our feasibility study aims to find out whether or not the space you plan to move into or renovate is appropriate, and we make adjustments to the design as needed, always with a focus on providing you with an office space you will be able to utilise to its fullest potential.

New building appraisals

When you are considering moving your office into a new building, we will work with you when you are trying to narrow down your options (which will often be numerous). Our new building appraisals aim to assist you in making an informed and sensible decision, and will mean that you end up picking the option which best balances your needs. We look at each potential site and ascertain how closely it meets your requirements, and how cost effective it will be.

Layout drawings and visuals

The next step after the feasibility study and the new building appraisal is drawing up the blueprints, so to speak, for your dream office space. We recognise this is an extremely important part of the planning process, as it helps our customers visualise what their office will actually look like once we have completed the job, and they can let us know if our design falls in line with their vision. We are here to design the office, but at all times we will remain committed to providing our customers with what they need, and we do everything in our power to achieve this end. We find that the layout drawings and visual material we produce helps us to achieve a better idea of exactly what our customers want, and also gives them good insight into the planning of their office space. If required, we can put together 3D digital walkthroughs of the office space design, so that our customers can properly visualise their new office. Before we get to work on the site, we check everything complies with your requirements and only when you tell us you are happy will we proceed and take on the task of assembling your dream office scheme.

Compliance requirements

As there are Building Regulations involved in the process, we make sure that your scheme complies at all stages of the design process. We give close consideration to the legal requirements involved in designing offices, such as the amount of square footage required per person in each room: in open plan office spaces, individual offices, meeting rooms, board rooms and reception areas. We also make absolutely sure that our designs comply with Building Regulations, Fire Safety Regulations, Health and Safety Regulations and general welfare regulations. It is extremely important to us that we design and fit office spaces which are great to look at, but this is of little value if the building does not comply with all necessary regulations and requirements – as it is essentially not fit to serve its intended purpose. We can make sure that does not happen, and are determined to ensure that the design of your office is safe and meets each and every necessary requirement.

Relevant business requirements

We understand that the nature of each company we design offices for will vary greatly. Every business is different, of course, and this means that the requirements of each in regards to their office space will be totally different too. We consider the sort of activities which will go on in your office, and then go about establishing not only what kind of layout works best, but what your power requirements are, what your IT requirements are and any other consideration 0f your day-to-day operations, incorporating proximity, communication and circulation issues.

Our commitment to thorough design

We don’t have a standard blueprint for offices of each shape and size – we start by listening to you and consider many different layouts. As we are a highly experienced team, we know what works and it generally does not take long to come up with space-effective and cost-effective designs. Thoroughness at the planning stages always produces better end results for you.

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