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Here at Cheshire Office Interiors one of our areas of expertise is washroom refurbishment. We carry out numerous jobs for a variety of customers every year, all of whom work in different sectors and require different services, and because of this we’ve become highly proficient in all aspects of washroom installation and renovation. We can do it in any style you like, and we relish the challenge.

Your office’s toilet and bathroom facilities should suit the rest of the office too, as they are a more important area than you might think. If you are a business which often has customers and clients visiting for meetings and such, it is particularly crucial that you get your washroom facilities right.

We can design and install your toilets and washrooms no matter what your circumstances are – whether you’re a company who are moving into an entirely new building with a totally blank canvas, whether you simply need your existing washrooms replacing to bring them up to date, or whether you just need your existing washrooms altering slightly.

At Cheshire Office Interiors, we pride ourselves on the flexibility and range of options that we offer to all of our customers, as we believe that when all is said and done, it’s your satisfaction that matters. We will work with you on a consultative basis throughout the entirety of the project, in order to ensure that, first of all, you are kept in the loop with what’s going on, and secondly so that we stay on the right track in regards to giving you what you want.

We can strip out your existing facilities if you need us to do so – it is no problem whatsoever; we’ll quickly get rid of it and get started on the installation of your new bespoke toilet area.

Computer aided design (CAD)

In order to give you a better understanding of how your custom washroom will look once it’s finished, we design all of our bathrooms using CAD. Not only does this give you a better visual insight, but we find it’s by far the best way to ensure complete accuracy; with computer aided design we’re able to plan out the entire thing from scratch. All factors – including the measurements and dimensions we’re working with – are taken into consideration and we are able to draw up a blueprint, if you like, which is flawless.

A range of finishes and surfaces

As you will of course want to have a say in what your washroom looks like, we have made sure that we offer a wide variety of surfaces and finishes for you to choose from. If you’re not quite sure what look you want to go for, we can work with you to come up with ideas; as we’ve designed many a bathroom facility over the years, we know exactly what works well and which sort of finishes complement which colour schemes. The design process is something we are extremely meticulous with – our scrupulous attention to detail is what makes our work so great. when all is said and done.

Some of our clients like their washrooms to bear a close resemblance to the rest of their office (in regards to colour schemes and so on), whilst others like to have a contrasting bathroom. Whichever way you would like it, we can make it happen; we’re quite confident that amongst our range of finishes and surfaces, there is something for you – and if there isn’t, we can look into designing something especially for you.

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors we’re all about customisation and individuality – every job we take on is completed efficiently, professionally, and the result truly is one of a kind. If it’s important to you that your facilities are unique, it’s important to us as well – we’re not in the habit of regurgitation and default designs. We feel that what we do is artistic and therefore requires a great deal of thought and originality.


As you are probably already well aware, a washroom facility requires some rather intricate plumbing, all of which must meet industry standards and regulations. We can take care of all of this – we don’t just make it look fantastic. As we have a wealth of experience in the installation of such facilities, we know exactly what we’re doing and can apply our skills to any job. We realise that plumbing is fundamental to the running of a functional and practical washroom, so attention to detail throughout the process is absolutely paramount to us.

A range of taps and sinks

Your handwashing facilities are of course extremely important, not only in terms of their function. You will of course want your taps and sinks to be inviting for all who use them, and for this reason we’ve got an extensive amount of choice when it comes to this. We have both classic and contemporary style taps, and the same goes for our sinks too.

If you’re unsure about exactly which taps and sinks you want to go for, we can step in and offer advice. We know both what looks good generally and what will look good for yourwashroom, based on what the rest of your design is like.

Hand-driers and electrical work

A good hand-drier is absolutely fundamental to the practicality of your washroom – there’s nothing more frustrating than a poor hand-drier, or worse still, the complete absence of one. We feel that in the modern age, every toilet facility should be equipped with wonderfully effective hand-driers – they’ve become as essential as the toilet, taps and sink in our view. We have a range of hand-driers to choose from, all of which are state of the art and more than up to the task.

Think of it from the perspective of your potential customers and clients: if you’ve got poor hand-drying facilities it could frustrate and annoy them a little bit, and though it may sound over dramatic, this will have an effect on their decision to do business with you. On the other hand, if you’ve got a toilet which is kitted out with the best technologies, you’ll be sure to impress them and this will (subconsciously if not consciously) reinforce the idea that doing business with you is the right thing.


The vast majority of office washrooms will be windowless, which means that powerful and appropriate lighting is absolutely necessary for many. We can take care of all aspects of this and provide you with lights which both look brilliant and perform their job. As usual, you will be able to choose which ones you want from our all-encompassing range, as we’ve got lighting which will compliment any bathroom design. If you require (or would simply like) custom lights, we can arrange for this to happen as well.


If your office is one which contains a large workforce, you will most probably want to have a bathroom which incorporates cubicles, in order to allow for numerous people to use the washroom simultaneously. If you are a smaller organisation, however, who would just prefer to have singular toilet rooms, we can do that as well.

Our cubicle partitions are great-looking as you would hope, and we have them in a range of materials and finishes. When we design your washroom, we will go through all of this with you and you’ll be able to tell us exactly what you want; if, on the other hand, you’re not sure what you want, we’ll happily make suggestions as always.


Whatever sort of flooring you want, we can provide it. Our bathroom flooring range is almost as vast as our office flooring range; we believe that even though your staff and visitors won’t spend a great deal of time in there, you should still have a floor which is attractive and suitable. Attention to detail underpins everything we are about here at Cheshire Office Interiors, and we think that a slick washroom floor is one way in which you can impress visitors. Anyone who comes to your office will – whether they do it consciously or not – make judgements about you and your organisation based on the aesthetic and design of your office, and this includes what they see in the washroom too.


Any good restroom will have mirrors installed – they’re pivotal to the overall success of it, in fact. Mirrors are not only there to serve their original function of allowing people to check their appearance as they’re washing up and heading back into the office, but they can also of course make any space look much larger than it actually is.

As many of our customers (quite rightly) like to only use a minimal amount of space on their washrooms, it can be a great idea to have some large mirrors installed in order to make them seem bigger. We can facilitate this – it’s just another vitally important part of the job as far as we’re concerned.

Environmentally Sound Washrooms

Many of our customers are rightly concerned with their environmental footprint. Naturally enough this extends to washrooms as well. We are more than capable of accommodating these needs and provision of waterless urinals, energy efficient driers and lighting and the use of environmentally sound materials is commonplace for us. If you need advice on design or sourcing of responsibly engineered products, then give us a call.

Why choose Cheshire Office Interiors for washroom refurbishment?

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors we create bespoke working environments which are unique and distinctive. We believe that though no actual work goes on in the washroom area, it is extremely important – both from the perspectives of staff and visitors. A great toilet facility is something that will motivate your staff and have a large influence on their overall job satisfaction – no-one wants to work somewhere that has substandard washroom facilities. As for visiting customers and clients – especially if they are still only potential ones – your facilities are of equal importance; good ones will impress them and bad ones will make them question whether or not they’re doing the right thing by doing business with you.

We take a great deal of care in everything we do – all aspects of the job are carried out with scrupulous attention to detail – whether it’s your washroom facilities or the office itself. We’ll carefully consider every element of your facilities, and we will make sure that you get exactly what you want.

We want to provide all of our clients with fantastic value in everything we do, not just washroom installation and renovation. Our aim is to enable you to properly utilise the space you pay a lot of money for – a cost effective office space is a common interest amongst all of our clients, regardless of their sectors or the nature of their businesses.

We’re based in the town of Carrington, Manchester, but we offer nationwide services – not just local. Wherever you are in the United Kingdom you’ll be able to acquire our expertise and our wonderful services. We’ve designed and installed office spaces all over the country – naturally a lot of our work comes from the North West region, but we also serve Yorkshire, the Midlands, the South West and the South East. We’ve even fitted office spaces in prestigious areas of central London, which is of course the business hub of the country.

If you’d like to make an enquiry or gain a better insight into the services we offer and what we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and get in touch with us. Give us a call on 0161 776 4112, and one of our friendly and helpful members of staff will be able to talk you through whatever it is you want to know. Alternatively, you can reach us by email – our address is; we’ll get back to you extremely quickly and aim to be just as helpful and friendly through email correspondence as we are over the phone.

Here at Cheshire Office Interiors we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service – providing great office spaces is not enough for us; we believe that the customer experience is just as important as our work, which speaks for itself. Get in touch with us today to find out more about our washroom refurbishment!

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