The importance of a good office toilet

The importance of a good office toiletAh, the good old office toilet. The safe haven which offers a moment of respite from the busy working day; the location of the five-minute gossip in between clients; the dressing room for your post-work activities. Whatever your primary use, it’s pretty clear that the office toilet is, across the board, pretty important. So what exactly do we look for in the most popular space of the office? We’re sure you’re bursting to know!

Top of the agenda is, of course, hygiene. We pass most of our waking hours at work and probably more time than we’d care to admit in the office toilet, so chances are we’re going to be significantly exposed to germs. Things like sanitary bins, contactless hand dryers and a limitless supply of toilet paper and hand towels are a good place to start – as is making sure you never run out of hand wash.

There are then those with, perhaps, more specific preferences. Commercial property agency, Morgan Pryce, who deal with clients all day long, prefer bathrooms over cubicles for the privacy factor, back-lit mirrors for the ladies so that they have better lighting to check their makeup, a full-length mirror, hand dryers instead of paper towels to prevent mess on the floor and – somewhat surprisingly – a toilet paper dispenser instead of rolls because apparently, “some employees have light fingers!”

A wee step further and guaranteed to bowl you over is mobile games maker, Neon Play, who guarantee posh toilet roll as part of its employee benefits. That’s pretty flush!

No matter what your specific preferences, I think we can all agree that office toilet etiquette is an absolute must. For your convenience, this includes: Ensuring toilets are kept clean and hygienic at all times; Never leaving a bad smell behind you; Waiting patiently for the person in front of you to finish if in a queue; Never – under any circumstances – forgetting to flush; Always checking the toilet seat for unwanted stains; Ensuring you always wash your hands before you leave; Not spending too much time there – however tempting …

… and finally: If you sprinkle when you tinkle, do be sweet and wipe the seat

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