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Fresh on the heels of Back Care Awareness Week, and following recent news of the Nottingham university student who designed a new office chair to improve workers’ posture and circulation, we thought we’d take a look at the latest in ergonomic office furniture.

If you worked out just how many hours a day you spent sitting, you’d probably be quite shocked. After breakfast, your commute and then, of course, the time you spend glued to the sofa after your 9-5 (if you’re lucky!), you’re probably nearing a majority percentage of your day. With estimations that our sedentary lifestyles could cause as many deaths worldwide as smoking, the issue becomes a somewhat serious one.

Of course, exercise is key in addressing these risks, but as most of our waking days are spent in the office, there’s a limit to just how much you can do.

This is where ergonomics come in – the science behind optimising human well-being. With a whole range of products designed to make your working day that much easier – and healthier – there are, thankfully, things you can do! Here are our picks:

Posturite: Promoting active working, their height-adjustable sit-stand desks allow you to change between a seated and a standing position with ease. According to them, recent studies have shown that standing for just a couple of hours throughout the day increases productivity, focus and overall health, whilst minimising back pain by a whopping 50%!

Varidesk: This standing desk helps reduce and prevent lower back pain whilst helping the spine to remain in the correct posture.

Smartfit: Boasting a range of products, including the Comfort Back Rest, Conform Wrist Rest and SoleRest Footrest.

We also spoke to Lynne Robinson, founder of Body Control Pilates and author of Pilates for Life, who gave us her top tip for staying in shape during a much-needed break from the computer screen!

 “To keep yourself feeling fit and healthy, why not set yourself the goal of doing five minutes Pilates at your desk whenever you get a break?”, she advises. “If you’ve time for coffee, you’ve time for Pilates!”


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